“Jesus made clear to James and John that high position in the Kingdom of God is reserved for those whose hearts, even the secret places where no one else probes, are qualified.” (Oswald Sanders) All spiritual leaders should apply themselves diligently to becoming and staying qualified in accordance with Biblical principles of leadership:
God fearing | Capable & Competent | Honesty with integrity | Incorruptible, immune to bribery | Well respected, trusted with good reputation | Full of the Holy Spirit | Full of wisdom | Prepared to be closely examined (Accountability) | Seasoned Spiritual leadership
Collaboration, respect, humility, excellence are hallmarks of good leaders. (1 Timothy 3:8-12, Exodus 18:21, 2 Peter 1:5-1, 1st Timothy 3:6, Luke 12:48) 
To whom much has been committed, of them will more be asked.  Such is the role of spiritual leaders.  Development in these areas is not automatic for Christians.  Rather it is the growth that is experienced through the trials, joys and life experience of the leader.
Pr. Terry is a happy husband of 24 years with Kimberly and they have two children; Kyrstin who is 18 and Alec who is 13 both attending our excellent church school system at Carmel Adventist College. They’ve lived in Perth for the last 10 years and love seeing the setting sun on the Indian ocean while at the beach with their 1996 Toyota Landcruiser Diesel with 486000km named Tom! Terry has been a minister for 25 years. He graduated from Southwestern Adventist University in Texas and served the Texas conference for 9 years and completed his Mdiv at Andrews University during that time. They then went to Auckland NZ for 5 years where they learned to love rain and any type of weather and the land of the long white cloud. This is their 11th year in WA where he served as youth director for 7 years before becoming WA Conference president September of 2013. Terry loves the process of discipleship and seeing the Holy Spirit transform people whose lives became significant because of the grace of Jesus. His passion is using the spiritual gift of administration to enable missional impact with the 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 in communities where the knowledge that Jesus is coming soon has not been heard.
Sid served in ministry for 34 years commencing in Armidale NSW with his wife Cathy. Their journey includes working as a missionary minister/pilot in PNG , Men’s Dean at Avondale College and ministering at churches across NSW and ACT. His passion is to bring people to a knowledge and acceptance of the gospel, and in his ministry to follow the example of Jesus. Pr Sid and loves to mix with people recognizing every person as a child of the King. As Secretary of the WA Conference those purposes are fully served in his role of connecting people with God.
Peter is happily married to Letitia, and they have 3 great kids – Kaylee who is 16, Jayvin is 14, and Shayla turning 12 this year.  The family live in Landsdale so the children can attend our Adventist school there.  Peter graduated from Avondale College, where he met Letitia, with a Bachelor of Business & Computing.  After Letitia graduated from primary teaching, they married and lived in Melbourne where Peter was an accountant for Sanitarium.  A few years later Sanitarium moved them to the Central Coast of NSW, where Peter worked at the head office of Sanitarium for 7 years in various roles.  By the time Kaylee and Jayvin arrived, they decided it was time to move back to Letitia’s home state of Western Australia.  Peter secured a finance job with Goodman Fielder (Baking Division) where he worked for a few years, then moved to various financial and business analyst roles with Gold Corporation and The Perth Mint before accepting his current roles as Chief Financial Officer for the Western Australian Conference.  Peter enjoys serving God in whatever setting asks him to be in, and he finds that mixing his love of finance with directly serving the church to be extremely fulfilling.  His passion is helping people solve problems, improve process, unravel complexity, and implementing strategy that is driven by mission and vision.   
Seventh Day Adventist Church WA Conference Ltd. 44-60 Station Street, Gosnells, 6110, (08 9398 7222)