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The Follow Me Film Competition is an initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church in Australia (Australian Union Conference). It provides Australian SDA church members and students at Adventist schools or colleges (aged between 18-30 years) with the opportunity to showcase their talents and make a 3-5 minute film or animated narrative, have the opportunity to film for Hope Channel Australia, and win fantastic prizes.
Up to $12,000 in prizes is awarded to three winners who show excellence in filmmaking.

 01 What is the Bible About? – Table Talk Season 1

Four guys at a table. All they’re told in advance is, “Bring your Bible and your brain.” No script. No rules. Just straight from the heart conversation about things that matter most. Produced by Light.
Go HERE to watch Table Talk


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Preparations for Constituency Meeting
September 9-10, 2017
Dear members of the Western Australian Conference;
As we strive together towards our Vision of a “Renewed Adventist movement, creating significant lives and transforming communities; work to implement our Mission to “Enable faithful followers of Jesus who share the GOOD NEWS;” and create Missional Communities in population groups of 20,000 or less; structure and process become very important.  September 9-10 2017 is our Conference Constituency Meeting where delegates from all churches and companies come together to decide on leadership and direction for our conference.  While the meeting is procedural, it is also vital to the strategic evangelistic work we are in together.

As per the instructions of the Constitution and Constituency Meeting & Election procedures of the Western Australian Conference, the elected Nominating Committee of the Conference met on the 28th of May at 9:30am to begin its work in preparation for the Constituency meeting of September 9-10, 2017.  They nominated the members of the Executive for the Quadrennial term of 2017-2021.  These nominations will be voted on at the Constituency meeting in September 2017.

The Nominating committee will reconvene on July 30th of 2017.  At that time the nominations of the WA Conference officers will occur.  Those officers are, President, General Secretary & CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  In the Election procedures article 6.3, members have the right to comment to the chairman of the Nominating committee about any of the officers prior to the date that the officers are considered.Delegates who have substantive concerns with respect to any incumbent officer of the conference shall formally raise those concerns in writing with the chairperson of the nominating committee… The chairperson will bring those concerns to the committee, giving opportunity for the delegate to address the committee if he/she wishes. In view of this, no opportunity will be given at the constituency meeting for matters of concern to be raised with respect to incumbent officers who are recommended for election by the nominating committee”
If there are any substantive matters that need to be addressed about the incumbents, please email the chairman, Pr. Jorge Munoz (AUC President)  at auc@adventist.org.au or write a letter to the Australian Union Conference 289 Maroondah Highway, PO Box 4368, Ringwood Victoria 3134.  The last day for those submission to be received will be July 28th 2017.

 Thank you for the work each of you are doing in Christ.  Thank you on behalf of the Nominating Committee members.  We encourage you to pray and fast as we come together in the name of Jesus for His Kingdom.